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i'm a self-taught, intuitive abstract artist and student currently creating in calgary, alberta and studying a bachelor of communications (advertising) at deakin university and am on a journey to become an art therapy practitioner.


most of my works are created with brushes and palette knives, though i also work with digital art mediums as well. my art is a mixture of abstract expressionism using imagination, and representative using images that i find inspiring. for this reason, i identify as an abstract artist as i fall onto the sliding scale of nonrepresentational imagery and abstraction. abstract art is vital to artful self-expression, and i feel most alive when creating works with an intangible, yet familiar nature. i am speaking to the person as it speaks to me, candidly and with room for interpretation.

i have just completed a six month artists residency with the MAUD collective and was a part of the 2023 connections group show at ruberto ostberg gallery. my new focus is on offering accessible workshops for people to learn and create their own intuitive abstract art.

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